The Return Games are the most popular online sport games today. Return man 9 is the most liked among all. This wonderful football game is simple but fun to play. This is a game where you play as the receiver and you catch the ball and you will also more through the players on the opposite team to catch touchdown. This game is fun to play, it is simple and easy to understand. Anyone can play this game for hours. It has fifteen stages to unlock, it gives hours of fun.

The instructions of this game can be easily understood by anyone. First of all you start at a screen where there are three people to defend you and you will be placed in the middle. A small circle will appear on screen immediately and it starts to fill in symbolizing the time which is remaining until you catch the ball or you will have to get it back from the ground. If you are able to reach the circle in time, you will get hold of the ball and the game starts. Moving along with arrow keys makes it convenient to move around. Start running to reach the line of touchdown, once you catch the ball.

While trying to reach there, your defenders will also try to protect you and they will become successful most of the time. But the players may get pass them sometimes and you will have to use your skills to run away from them and reach the touchdown. If you are tacked before reaching the touchdown, then you have to start again and you will lose your possession. If you don’t catch the ball in the beginning successfully, then you will miss the ball. With a new game, every stage will become harder. You will lose all of your possessions and will lose the game if you never make it to touchdown line.