After you have used your furniture and the natural rattan for some period, it may start to wear and tear and look old and shabby. You can do certain things to make it look like new furniture.

Here are certain ways in which you can do that.

Regularly clean the wicker furniture used outside

This is an easy and an effective method to keep your furniture clean and safe from the harmful weather elements. It is not at all a difficult task and with regular cleaning you can prevent your furniture from getting shabby. You can clean your wicker storage basket using a brush and warm water.

Apply oil or paint on the wicker furniture

There are special paints available in the market that are specially designed to make the furniture dust and water repellent. You must make sure that the entire furniture is covered with the paint or oil. Take care that the paint is applied after every three years. Applying an oil is also beneficial as it softens the fibers and makes the furniture damp. You can apply it using a soft cloth.

Keep the wicker furniture covered

There are covers available for your wicker furniture on the market. You may use these covers to protect your furniture against the harmful weather elements.

Repair the worn-out furniture

You must make sure to replace the missing pieces of weave with new ones. You can cut off the old strands and use a good cane to make it long lasting.


Saving your wicker furniture from becoming a shabby and an old one can be an extremely easy task if you follow these steps. Regular care of the furniture would prevent it from getting ruined and saves your money.