If you are thinking of wall mural painting in your house, then it would be ideal if you go for hiring a wall mural artist. The mural artists are basically the ideal persons in this regard since they have a sound knowledge of mural painting and at the same time, they have a number of years of experience in mural painting which enables them to deliver the best. They start off with the cleaning priming of the wall.

After the primer dries completely, then the walls are painted according to the choice of the homeowners. With the completion of the painting, comes the most important task of sealing and finishing the mural painting.

  • In the final step of sealing, an isolation coat and varnish are applied. In this case, a clear and non – yellowing archival varnish is used in a satin sheet of the matte
  • It is important to select a varnish which is removable in nature. This is in case if it is required to get underneath the varnish for the process of conservation.
  • It is to be kept in mind that for the application of varnish, the appropriate ration of varnish to water is to be chosen.

Finally, after the sealing and finishing are done, the mural painting on the wall is complete to give you a stunning look.