We see many automatic faucets at public restrooms, there are some reasons why these places have them. Normally it is very annoying to have them as they don’t have sufficient water pressure, the water is not at the right temperature and it normally stops before you are done with washing your hands. What are the advantages of having them then?

Biggest reasons to have them in public restrooms is that they are hygienic. Since no one is touching the faucet, there is no problem of getting infected from the transmission of bacteria while washing your hands. You would normally use your hand to turn on the water, and after you would turn it off with your washed hands. You will be using dirty water to turn it on and you will get those germs on your hands. A touchless faucet doesn’t have this problem since it is controlled with a sensor which activates when you wave your hands at it.

Water saving provided by these faucets is another reason for using them in public restrooms. People leave faucets on unintentionally sometimes and some do it on purpose. This causes water wastage. With a best touchless faucet, the duration of the flow of water can be preset.

Some people may not like this type of faucet, the only reason for this is that they have only seen and used in the public restrooms, where the saving of water is the main concern. If you would buy a touchless faucet for your home use, you could set it easily so that it offers you with a sufficient amount of water at the right temperature.

If you are considering a touchless faucet, remember that with proper adjustments, using such a faucet can be easy, comfortable, hygienic and it can help in saving the nature.