Ways Of Natural Mole Removal

Removal of mole naturally can be the best method to eliminate common moles from the skin as they don’t leave ugly scars and they are inexpensive when compared with other medical procedures.

There is no guarantee that all natural methods of mole removal will work for you. What might work for one person may not work for another. You can try various methods to see what suits you the best.

Some natural methods that you can try are:

Cauliflower juice

When you make use of cauliflower to remove moles you need to prepare the juice of cauliflower in a blender. Put cauliflower in a blender and make a puree of it. You don’t need to add any water to it. The juice should be rubbed on the moles three to four times daily. The mole will peel off from the skin naturally within two or three weeks. This is a great method which prevents any type of marks or scarring on the skin.


Garlic can be used to repair the skin and eliminate the moles naturally. Make sure to peel the garlic and mash it properly to make the paste. Now it can be used to apply on the moles directly. When you make use of garlic, you should use a bandage to cover the moles. This should be done at night time. During the day, you need to remove the bandage and let it breathe and reapply the paste again at night. The mole will fall off eventually after a week.

Pineapple juice

Another natural substance known to remove a mole from the skin is pineapple juice. Frozen or canned pineapple juice will not work efficiently. You should make fresh juice out of pineapple daily. You just rub the juice on the moles daily five to six times. To know about such natural methods click here.

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