The Most Important Fire Protection Equipment

What is the most important fire protection equipment according to you as a safety-centered property manager? This is a difficult question since the answer is relative. The fire safety requirement of one business to another is always different from each other. A Chinese food place prone to cooking oil fire has different needs for fire safety from a Bank that is vulnerable to electrical fire. In order to give a correct answer for the question above, let us think and name three things that no business or home just should go without are a carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguishers, and fire engineering services.

Prevention is always better than cure. This is very true in case of fires that we all are aware of. It is better to have a thief in the house any day than having a massive fire. Unlike tidal wave or earthquake, fires are always caused by human mistake and so they are preventable. This is the reason why availing fire engineering services are very important. Though it is expensive, it will cover long-term plan which covers many factors like knowledge of various types of fires, building design and various fire protection equipment. Fire engineering provides you the knowledge, tools, and preparation. This is the first thing to avail at any new establishment. (more…)

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