Useful Properties Of Piezoceramic Material At High Field

Piezoelectric material has generated lots of interest in the field of electronics and mechatronics. It has a wonderful property to generate electrical field with the application of mechanical force and the vice versa is also true. Because of this property there are plenty of applications of this material in your daily life.

Let’s briefly touch the important properties of this material so that discussing with potential piezoelectric supplier you are well aware of this.

  • Linearity

If you try to plot actual graph between amounts of stroke vs. applied voltage for any piezo actuator then you will not find it as perfectly linear curve as expected theoretically. It is rather in ‘S’ shape and at lower voltage with increasing voltage it is concave upwards.

  • Effect of high electric field

You can apply maximum voltage up to the range of 9KV per mm however with application of such range of high voltage its lifetime may be reduced. Therefore, it is recommended that the operating range should be in the range of 4KV per mm. (more…)

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